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Golden Eagle

161 Mining Claims

8,867 hectares

100% Owned

No Royalties


Local mafic volcanic segments are located in the north-northeastern third of the property and could be favourable lithostratigraphic host for precious and base metal mineralization.

Strongly deformed, locally schistozed paragneisses and paraschists in the southern third of the property.

Massive granodiorite and tonalite intrusions in the central and northern parts of the property and tonalite with massive granodiorite in the northeast corner of the property.

Golden Eagle Property.jpg

Elevated gold grain counts in till samples proximal to the property


2020 Airborne Program

  • 1033.9 line-km of gradient magnetic data over an area of 91.7 km2 

  • 100m line spacing at heading of 000°/270°

Interesting geophysical anomaly extends through property. Similar signature to that in the north east portion.

Geophysical anomaly extends through Osisko’s claims into Snowy’s claims within the portion of the property known to be underlain by greenstone geology

Panache Property

12 Mining Claims

678 hectares

100% Owned

No Royalties

As shown on the attached Figure 1, the Panache Property is surrounded by Osisko, and Bonterra Resources claims and is in the vicinity of multiple gold deposits. The majority of the Panache claims are mapped to be underlain by favourable greenstone belt geology. Geological structural features which may represent exploration targets are mapped to extend into the Property, these include a northeast-southwest anticline, and a fault is mapped to pass through the northern-most claims.


The Snowy technical team is currently working on compiling historical data to design an exploration plan to complement the planned exploration at the Golden Eagle Property, approximately 30km southeast of the Panache.

Panache Property Area Map.png
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